Host the Men’s Conference from Your Church

Do you want to see the men in your community ignited with love for God, motivated to serve their neighbors, and connected with one another?

By hosting a Promise Keepers simulcast event, we give you the tools to bring an exciting event with world-class speakers and worship to your town. There’s no need to organize speakers, worship leaders, or topics. As a leader, you’ll be able to spend the day of the event alongside other men, building connection, and worshipping God.

Plus, it’s an affordable outreach opportunity to bless your neighborhood and bring men together. 

This opportunity is open to churches and organizations.


Last Year’s Conference

Last Year’s Conference: If you’d like to get a taste of a Promise Keepers event, the 2020 Men’s Conference is still available to watch here.

Why Host a Promise Keepers Simulcast Event?

Men everywhere are suffering, experiencing isolation, and lack of purpose. We believe God is on the move among the men in our world, and that we can best serve men by encouraging them towards renewal and providing them connection with the Body of Christ. 

Hosting a simulcast event of the Promise Keepers Men’s Conference gives men the opportunity to experience the event alongside their brothers without the travel time to AT&T Stadium. It also allows hosts to present the simulcast as an outreach opportunity to men in your area who may not attend church.

During the week of the Promise Keepers Men’s Conference, there will be ONLY two ways to participate: by gathering live at AT&T Stadium or by watching at a simulcast location. 

(After the conference, we will offer small groups the opportunity to host watch parties and provide opportunities for individuals to access the event recording—but for the week of the event, we’re limiting opportunities to in-person gatherings at AT&T Stadium OR simulcast locations.)


What You’ll Receive as a Host Site

Register to host the Promise Keepers 2021 Men’s Conference for $99 and you’ll receive:

  • 2 days of a dynamic conference messages and worship
  • A personalized online registration form through the Brushfire ticketing system
  • Listing of your church host site location on our website
  • A digital and printable marketing kit to help you easily promote your event
  • Marketing and planning assistance through weekly Zoom calls with Promise Keepers staff, a private Facebook group, and access to support via phone or email
  • Follow-up materials and suggested action items for your church


  • $99 Set-Up and Marketing Materials Fee*
  • $20 per attendee (Paid by registrants when they register to attend your simulcast event. 50% of the proceeds from these tickets will go to your church.)

*If your church is unable to pay the $99 fee, please contact Promise Keepers (303) 964-7600). We want to empower every church around the globe to host the men’s conference.

Register to Host the Promise Keepers 2021 Men’s Conference via Simulcast




We have set up the registration process to allow for this! Just email with your name, the name of your church, and the link and instructions you want added to the intro, the thank you page and email confirmation to your attendees. This allows you to handle “extras” as a second follow up step.

If you want to allow walk-in registrations on the day of the conference, your team can easily add participants through the Brushfire registration page. We recommend you have a registration table with a laptop to check people in and register if needed.

No. This year we have adjusted our model which does not include an offering to PK. You may choose to take an offering for your church, a local ministry, or our event sponsors—or none at all.

We encourage 2-3 men in your church to volunteer to coordinate this event. Promise Keepers will provide a variety of resources to help you in your planning, which includes a private Facebook group for all the churches and coordinators. You may also consider involving younger guys in the church to assist and share via social media and through their sphere of influence.

Another suggestion is to team up with other churches in your area and host a community event at one church or at a movie theatre. (You might take the offering to donate back to the movie theatre to support them during this past year of shut-downs).

Just email and let us know. We will hide your event from the map.

All you need is a computer, projector and internet connection!

We will offer several Zoom calls leading up to the event to provide information and answer questions.