James Dobson

The breakdown of families today hinges largely on the absence of godly men who love their families as Christ loved the Church.  That’s why I’m so grateful for Promise Keepers and their gracious yet powerful approach to building up men to be the husbands and fathers God intended.  I encourage every man to be part of this movement.

Tony Evans

Promise Keepers is deeply needed in our country today. During my travels, I see men who are lost, hurting and walking aimlessly through life. They may have the jobs, the houses, and the cars our culture views as symbols of success. But inside, they are empty and longing to fill the void with something meaningful. Through Promise Keepers, they’re learning that “something” is Jesus.

Steve Arterburn

All humankind is broken and all need God. But because men generally fear being viewed as weak, we tend to hide our deficiencies and pretend we’ve got it all under control. God is using Promise Keepers to pierce hearts, and to help me strip away the facade and put Him first. 

Crawford Loritts, Jr.

The mission and vision of Promise Keepers is needed more now than ever before. That’s why I am excited and delighted to see the re-emergence of this movement. I join others in praying that God will use PK to ignite revival in the hearts and lives of men across our country.

General William “Jerry” Boykin

Imagine the transformation that will occur in our country if men of faith rise up as godly husbands, fathers, leaders, and influencers. Promise Keepers is ministering to that end.

Eric Metaxas

God created masculinity and said it was good, yet our society is confused about what manhood should be and often labels it “toxic.” Promise Keepers is calling men back to true manliness based on the perfect Man, Jesus Christ. I’m proud to support this movement!

Steve Douglass

Campuses today are filled with young men who have little to no relationship with their fathers. They’re starving for validation, for approval, for love. And through Promise Keepers, scores of them are discovering the love of a Heavenly Father who is proud to call them His child. 

Os Guinness

Promise Keepers is as important as any single initiative in America today. Freedom can never be stronger than trust, and trust can only be as strong as promise keeping. The integrity of the church, the strength of the family, and the future of the American Republic all depend on the restoration of promise keeping. I applaud the renewal of this movement.

John Stonestreet

The absence of godly men in our nation is painfully obvious, as are the consequences of their absence. Family breakdown, the mistreatment of women, neglect of children, the rise of pornography, and the normalizing of sexual brokenness are fruits of the same poisonous fruit. Promise Keepers is rallying a new movement of men to stand for what is true and right, and they need our support.



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